narty DYNASTAR SPEED ZONE RL, Active woodcore + Look Xpress 10
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Look Xpress 10
Dla kogo:
Unisex /Męskie
Typ nart:
Slalomowe / All mountain / All round
Typ narciarza:
Początkujący / Rekreacyjny / Zaawansowany
Długośc nart:
144; 151; 158;
125-74-108 (144cm); 125-74-108 (151cm); 125-74-108 (158cm);
10 (144cm); 11 (151cm); 12 (158cm);
74 (144cm); 74 (151cm); 74 (158cm);

Krawędzie i ślizgi w doskonałym stanie.

A word of advice to novice skiers who want to enjoy their experience on the slopes: the SPEED RL by Dynastar is an accessible piste ski,

Focused on progression and ease of steering, this ski is tolerant and a pleasure to use. It offers the skier confidence, setting off a chain reaction of precision turns. Its cap construction combined with a fibreglass core makes the ski more lightweight, tolerant and easier to handle, while its high-density Microcell core enhances its shock absorbent properties for optimal comfort on hardpack. What's more, with this model, you will be opting for safety, reliability and control in your trajectory, thanks to Powerdrive Inside technology, which results in easy and precise steering.

This ski also has a moderate tip rocker, which helps with pivoting on flat skis, at the same time combining smoothness and give when initiating turns. Easy-to-use and dynamic, this ski will make you want to tackle one piste after another.


POWERDRIVE INSIDE: specific ski construction that ensures optimal shearing between the core, reinforcements and an elastomer insert to absorb shocks from uneven ground, maximise grip and the feeling of comfort.

TIP ROCKER: a subtle rocker in the tip only. It allows easier pivoting on flat skis with a combination of gentleness and tolerance in the turns. The tip rocker is adapted to such an extent that, as soon as the ski rests on the edge, it curves to make full-length edge contact.

CAP construction: wood core with fibreglass layer for a light, forgiving and easy-to-handle ski.

ACTIVE CORE: a high density Microcell core gives the ski a unique homogeneity and increased durability. This material has excellent shock-absorbing qualities for more comfort on hard snow.


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