wiązania snowboardowe NIDECKER EASY LOCK, BLACK, SWISS made
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OSOBNO NIESPRZEDAWANE – Zakup jest możliwy tylko z naszą ofertą SNOWBOARDÓW.

SIZE CHART: Sizes are given according to the size of snowboard boots in MONDO POINT marking: XS:19-22.5 ; S:23-26; M:27-28.5; L:29-29.5; XL:30-32

Easily customizable binding that offers great comfort. The binding was designed for versatile use in the mountains. The Nidecker Easy Lock system proved its effectiveness many years ago. It is so easy to use that we can't even imagine the days on the piste without it.

Motherboard The shape of the base plate is mixed with a mixture of fiberglass and provides maximum accuracy with comfort.

Unibody Base Superior Engineered Polyamide 33% of the base is made of glass fibers Hiback Superior Engineered Polymer ankle strap Code Bar Window Leg strap convertible Cap buckles Standard three-axis aluminum ratchets are designed to be particularly durable aluminium extra Heel, Toe & High Back EVA Pads.

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